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Sushi is becoming more and more popular in Munich also at the anna Restaurant. It’s easy to understand why; high quality sushi rice, fresh fish, and years of sushi-making experience make our restaurant one of the best sushi spots in Munich. If you are looking for  an authentic taste of Japanese cuisine right in the heart of Munich, you are right at our anna Restaurant.. From classic ‘Maki’, cult favourite ‘California Rolls’ to the in-demand ‘Sashimi’, we serve up these small but perfectly-formed dishes in a variety of ways. Come enjoy our sushi from Monday to Saturday from 12 pm to 11pm.


A (Very) Short History of Sushi

The origin of the word Sushi is not 100% certain, but it probably derives from the old Japanese word for "sour". This theory makes sense if you look at the origin of the delicacy. Due to the warm weather and great perishability of fish, inhabitants along the South-East Asian river Mekong began coating their fish with rice. This began the fermentation process and kept the fish fresh enough to eat for up to a year. Fish and rice together tasted sour, but the rice was no longer edible and was thrown away. This method of preservation spread to Japan, where the storage time of fish in rice over the centuries continued to shorten until the point where both the fish and rice were eaten together.

Modern sushi using raw fish, or something close to what we’d eat today, began in the so-called Edo period around 1700. As more and more people became wealthier, they could now afford high-quality fresh fish. Different varieties were created, and a sushi culture was born. Celebrated all over the world - whether New York, Rio, Cape Town, Paris or Munich – sushi is one of today’s most popular dishes.


Authentic Sushi in Munich

In the anna Restaurant Munich we like to do justice to this traditional food culture and therefore always prepare our Sushi fresh. The high quality of the freshly caught fish is a point of pride, but we also maintain the highest standards with our other ingredients too. The devil’s in the details when it comes to making some of the best sushi in Munich. For example, we use original Japanese ‘Koshihikari rice’, which has a particularly dense and firm structure perfect for sushi preparation.

And although you can expect the best quality, you can already order a selection of nine rolls from the anna Restaurant for as little as 12 euros. Find details of our dishes and sushi specialities on our menu. In order to serve you our sushi in Munich as authentically as possible, we offer it for the time being Monday to Saturday from 12 pm to 11 pm.


Tips for Eating Sushi

So that you can fully concentrate on enjoying your meal, here are a few tips in advance for eating sushi. We hope they’ll make the sushi at the anna restaurant in Munich taste even better:

- Our service will provide you with chopsticks. However, if you are untrained with them, don't be afraid to eat with your hands. This is actually the traditional Japanese way of eating sushi.

- We have already said it: details matter. While in sushi nothing is more important than the quality of the ingredients, the right side dishes make the difference between good and great sushi. We serve you high-quality soy sauce and the best wasabi.

- Two drinks are particularly suitable as sushi companions, green tea and beer. Our recommendation: Morgentau tea with mango citrus accents and Giesinger Bräu from the heart of Munich.


Sushi Dishes Available at anna Restaurant

We spoil you with the best varieties of sushi at the anna Restaurant. Want to know what’s on offer? Here’s a short overview:


Many people know Ura-Maki as "Inside-Out" sushi or as a "California Roll". The Nori leaf (dried seaweed) is placed between the rice and the filling, unlike most other Maki variants where the rice is on the inside. When it comes to filling, there are hardly any limits to the imagination. The most popular fillings however are salmon, avocado and cream cheese.


Some people describe Hoso-Maki as the catwalk model among the Sushi-Rolls, because they are rolled very slim and filled with only one ingredient. This can be for example salmon, cucumber, tuna or yellowtail mackerel.


Probably the first form of modern Japanese sushi, Nigiri also consists of only one ingredient, which lies on a bed of rice. We recommend the river eel and shrimp among other Nigiri toppings at the anna Restaurant Munich.


Strictly speaking, Sashimi is not a sushi category, but we note it here anyway since it’s the ultimate delicacy for fans of Japan and its cuisine. Here you can enjoy high-quality raw fish with soy sauce and wasabi but without rice. We serve sashimi from salmon, tuna and yellowtail kingfish.


Opening hours

Monday to Saturday from 12 pm to 10 pm

- lunch special Monday till Friday 12 pm – 3 pm